1: Agro Operations

In Agro operations, we deal with seeding production, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, processing and transport. For these operations we’re involved in both commercial and community farming.
In the the past 3 growing seasons Solaris has proven its agronomic and economic viability while maintaining the rigorous RSB sustainability standards.

2: Smallholder Support Program 

The smallholder support program aims to ensure that small scale farmers will also have the opportunity to cultivate Solaris. We do this with the following activities:
  • Training farmers to grow their crops sustainanbly while increasing production
  • Developing agro-protocols (together with Sunchem & local farmers), including sustainable practices (in collaboration with RSB)
  • Engaging small holder farmers to identify roadblocks and monitor progress
  • Attracting (regional) experts and research institutes to share knowledge
  • Organizing best practice working groups for farmers
  • Developing a system for financial services to the small holder farmers (in collaboration with Afrifert)
  • Value chain development (connecting small holders to end-markets)
  • Investigating possible integration with Health & Education programs

3: Local Processing Capacity for Solaris End Products in South Africa

At Project Solaris we believe that we can best contribute to the development of South Africa by developing local processing capacity for Solaris end-products. Therefore Project Solaris works on creating a local supply chain to press oil and produce animal feed products within South Africa. Hereby we maximize job creation and reduce South Africa's reliance on imports.