Sunchem South Africa 

Sunchem Biofuel Development South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Sunchem SA”) is a joint venture between Sunchem Holding and an international group of investors/entrepreneur, seasoned in developing alternative energy initiatives in Southern Africa.
Some of their other activities are:

In cooperation with local partners, Sunchem SA has been conducting cultivation trials with Solaris in the North Eastern corner of the Limpopo province. In 2013, 11 hectares of Solaris have been cultivated with very solid results (per Ha: 4 ton oil, 8 ton meal for animal feed, 60 ton biomass). Furthermore, the trials have developed strong ties with the commercial farming community and the regional small holder farming coops. These parties are very interested to further engage and expand activities based on their experiences with Solaris. 

Sunchem Holding 

Sunchem is a research & develop company driven to devolop the next generation of sustainable energy crops; for this purpose Sunchem Holding created, through targeted selection, the GMO free tobacco variety called “Solaris”. Sunchem holds the exclusive rights to exploit and globally develop the industrial patent for “energy tobacco” (PCT/IB/2007/053412); the patent has been deposited in 119 countries and has been granted in over 75 countries (USA, all African Countries, EuroAsia, Italy, Russia, Australia).

The company presents a unique mix of professional skills covering and controlling the full value chain from plant genetics to regional agronomic protocols to final market applications.
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SkyNRG is the world’s market leader for bio jet fuel, supplying more than 20 airlines worldwide. It’s SkyNRG’s mission to create sustainable fuels for those transport segments that have no other green alternative in the foreseeable future: aviation, marine and heavy trucking. Short term, the company is executing this mission via co-funded green routes and long term via developing BioPorts. Bioports are regional supply chains that offer a real sustainable and affordable alternative for fossil fuels. SkyNRG uses multiple technologies that are best suited for that particular region in the world and is supported by its leading global sustainability and technology board.

Since 2012 the company is active in feedstock souring as well. Over the past years, SkyNRG has been in contact with the investors of Sunchem SA, and followed the developments of the Solaris trials. SkyNRG is actively developing sustainable feedstock projects to create supply chains for the production of sustainable jet fuel. As such, SkyNRG has a specific interest in tobacco oil, as a feedstock for sustainable jet fuel production. 
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Other key partners

About RSB
The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global movement to ensure the sustainability of biomaterials production through a comprehensive certification system. The RSB brings together a diverse coalition of over 100 organizations around the world including large and small farmers, companies, NGOs, experts, governments, and UN agencies. RSB certification provides user-friendly tools for industry to demonstrate compliance and validates sustainable production including greenhouse gas emission reductions, respect for human rights, protection of biodiversity and water and maintenance of food security. RSB is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance and is rated the best performing sustainability certification system in recent reports published by WWF, IUCN, and NRDC. 
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About Boeing
Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, is committed to take action to protect the environment and support long-term sustainable growth for commercial aviation. As part of this commitment, Boeing leads global industry efforts to develop and commercialize sustainable aviation biofuel. This will help to meet commercial aviation’s environmental goals and reduce its reliance on petroleum. In addition to collaborating with South African Airways to develop sustainable aviation biofuel in Southern Africa, Boeing has active biofuel development projects in the United States, Middle East, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Australia. 
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About South African Airways
South African Airways is committed to becoming the most environmentally sustainable airline group in the world by implementing a long term environmental strategy and policy that includes a commitment to a reduction in CO₂ emissions through the effective and continued use of sustainable alternative fuels.

About Seed Processing Holland
Seed Processing Holland is a Dutch company specialised in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the seed processing industry. Seed Processing Holland assists Project Solaris in the development and design of the processing equipment for the Solaris seed. 
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